At The Event

Trade Day

Thunda 2019 is a cutting edge event designed to promote the aerospace industry and air space safety.

In 2018, while forming the Australian Space Agency, Dr Megan Clark AC identified the target for the Australian Space Industry to be AU$10-$12 billion per annum by 2030.

Thunda 2019 Industry Day has been created to engage industry and supply chains to promote and capatalise on this exponential opportunity.

The Industry Day will be run over Friday and Saturday, allowing companies, universities and organisations from QLD, Australia and International to showcase innovation through current and emerging manufacturing and other capabilities.

Industries such as aerospace, agriculture, communications, textiles, legal, transport plus others are already getting involved

Use the Contact form above to take part in the Trade Day

Rocket Fuel Bar & Bistro

The Rocket Fuel Bar is back! Opening immediately after the range shuts down each day, come and share some stories and have a laugh over a few cold ones (beverages). Or for those whose certify L3 and need to “shout” your fellow L3 buddies!

Prices for drinks are as follows:

  • Beer cans $5
  • Wine $5 a glass / $20 a bottle
  • Pre-mixed spirit cans $7

**ARTDU 2015 Rocket Fuel Bar**

By law, responsible service of alcohol will be enforced. Only persons over the age of 18 are permitted to purchase and consume alcohol.

Rocket Radio 101.1FM

As part of the communications for ARTDU 2019, the team will have a temporary radio station setup for the period of the event.

Fully licensed by the Federal Government, you will be able to tune into 101.1FM at the event to listen to all of the launch announcements plus the greatest variety of music. 101.1 Rocket Radio will be the official channel at the event to keep up to date with launches, competitions and other special activities.

101.1 FM Rocket Radio

Australian Universities Rocket Competition

Thunda Down Under 2019 is hosting the Australian Universities Rocket Competition,  Australia’s first national university rocketry competition organised by the Australian Youth Aerospace Association. Commencing in 2018, the AURC was designed with the aim to provide graduate engineers and scientists with the skills required for the growing aerospace industry in Australia. It also aims to provide a practical competition for Australian students passionate about rocketry.